The Bobby Jack’s Festival has a No Wally Policy in place. We are all here to have a good time and enjoy the music and entertainment on offer. If you are a Wally, this festival isn’t for you.

The No Wally Policy is a self-policing policy whereby ‘The Wally” will not be tolerated at our festival. Wally’s or people involved in Wally type behaviour will be politely informed that their behaviour is not appreciated or admired. The Wally will then pull their head in. If not, our helpers can make a quiet intervention. Wally’s can be anonymously reported by texting or calling 0403 086 970.

Wally behaviour includes aggressive behaviour, blocking others views, loud and/or offensive tunes in the campground, offensive language, littering (including dropping your cigarette butts – please put them in the bins provided). We are all here to enjoy the Bobby Jack’s Festival so please behave respectfully and inclusively.

Also please don’t drink and drive – arrive and leave under .05 and not under the influence of illegal drugs or you may face heavy penalties and/or loss of license.

Thank you for not being a Wally at our event!