Why "bobby Jack's?"

Bobby Jack was a local legend. Not the sort you read about in history books - No, the sort you bump into in the street, the kind that lights up your world. Bobby Jack was a local farmer, artist, dreamer, doer and visionary.

There was nothing that Bobby Jack could not turn his hand to ( in fact he achieved more with his one hand, than most 2 handed people). Bobby had a passion for celebration, he attended many festivals and hosted celebrations at his farming property on the edge of town. The hub of an eclectic set of artists, musicians, mages and merry madmen, Bobby drew together a band of celebrants, who marked the wheel of the year with fire, dance and feasting.

He was taken from this life before the merry dance had reached full pace, his gatherings the spring-board for new events. His friends now carrying the torch onward. Bringing the Bobby Jack party vibe to the people of The New England.